Deepalaya Learning Centers, North West Delhi

Deepalaya has established four learning centres in North-West Delhi. The project started by providing mobile education with the support of Edukans Foundation, after which centres were established in Wazirpur, Adarsh Nagar, Bhalaswa and Haiderpur due to high demand. Deepalaya identifies children who are out of school, counsels the parents and enrols them to the learning centres. They are then mainstreamed into government schools and provided remedial education, if necessary. 
\r\nIn the academic year 2019-20, the Centre had 530 new enrolments with 278 girls and 252 boys. 
\r\nApart from these, Deepalaya also has a few unique non-formal educational programmes in place, such as:


Father and Daughter Alliance – (FADA)
\r\nThis project, set up in 2009, allows the underprivileged fathers of the girl children themselves take up the cause of educating their daughters. We conduct regular counselling sessions and Fathers’ Meets where all the fathers come together to review their daughter’s progress and are made aware about the extra-curricular and artistic achievements of their wards. Deepalaya also encourages the fathers to take an active role in their daughter’s daily work, such as homework and class assignments.
\r\nEducation on Wheels
\r\nTo provide quality education to children living in remote areas, Deepalaya came up with the concept of a mobile education unit called Education on Wheels in 2006. Under this programme, a bus equipped with computers, TV and other education related material travels across North Delhi and provides multi-grade teaching to children of different ages and levels through special methods and techniques to make learning enjoyable.

Deepalaya Community Development Program
In 2015, the project separated from governmental assistance, was scaled down and was called Deepalaya Community Development Program (DCDP).The program now has a learning centre, which provides non-formal education and remedial education to the children residing in nearby slums, as well as adult education and vocational training to people, especially the women residing in the community.  
In the academic year 2019-20, the project had 112 new enrolments with 58 girls and 54 boys. 

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