Deepalaya School, Gusbethi

Deepalaya School, Gusbethi is a formal educational institution recognized by the Haryana Board of School Education (HBSE).Started in1998, the school has completed more than 20 years of service, providing a sense of self-reliance through education in a relatively underdeveloped area of the Mewat district. 
A short drive away from Gurgaon lies Mewat. Situated among the fringe districts of Haryana, it is no surprise that this region lies mostly forgotten by the rest of the world. This harsh land is devoid of industrialization and due to the lack of development in the area; illiteracy is rampant among the thousands of villages and countless men, women and children that call Mewat home. Gusbethi is one such village in Mewat with a very high illiteracy rate.
The school has been carrying on the torch of knowledge through value education and personality development for children, giving them access to a new world of opportunities.

In the academic year 2019-20, the school had 1310 students with 553 girls and 753 boys. As we did last year, we got recognition until class 10 from the Haryana School Education Board. All students enrolled in class Xth have passed with nine distinctions.

Literate and educated people are a prerequisite for developing the society. Access to education acts as a catalyst to change. The school aims to:

  • Develop every child’s potential power of learning and the powers of critical independent thought.
  • Provide the child with the skills of communication.
  • Depart knowledge and understanding of the environment in which a child lives, including recognition of the interdependence of man in his various activities upon his fellow men and the physical world around him.
  • To induce sensitiveness of perception, receptiveness to new ideas and imagina­tive sympathy with the experiences of others.
  • To inculcate and to cultivate basic attitudes such as tolerance, independence, flexibility of mind, humility in the face of the wonders of nature, respect for everyone, their beliefs and values and a respect for manual work etc.
  • To enable the child to develop independence, confidence and self-reliance.
  • To produce an awareness of the mainstream of our cultural and literary and scientific traditions.
  • To make available important bodies of knowledge concerning nature, society, country and its history and cultivate an intelligent loyalty to the ideals of the democratic community.
  • To strengthen those inner resources and traits of character, which enable the individual, when necessary, to standalone to face the challenges of life.


  • Classes from LKG to class Xth
  • 24 classrooms with a library and a computer room
  • HBSE course is followed. The coursework is divided into 10 class tests, 4 unit tests and 2 sets of exams
  • Recognised with Haryana Board of School Education
  • Overall personality development through various extra-curricular activities, sports education
  • Active Baal Sabha to inculcate a sense of responsibility amongst children and to hone their inner strengths.

Achievements (administrative, academic or co-curricular):

  • Notable decrease in the drop out and absentee rate
  • The students participated in various cultural activities
  • Several plantation drives were held by the students.
  • Considerable change in the attitude of people towards girl child education.
  • Procured third position at district level football competitions. Two of our students were selected for the state team.
  • DSG stood first in district level competitions of Art and craft held in the month of October. 14 students participated in the competitions
  • 11Students participated in the national painting competitions and five of the paintings were selected for the national evaluation.
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