Project STEADY began in collaboration with Asian Paints with a special focus on reducing drop-out rates in young schoolgirls due to issues of women’s safety prevalent in and around Delhi NCR. Deepalaya decided to start a self-defense program aimed at girls studying in Kasna to teach them skills to protect themselves in dangerous circumstances. Deepalaya was able to expand the project’s reach exponentially through TOT (Training of Trainee) sessions, wherein girls trained in self-defense techniques further trained other girls at their respective schools. So far, 20,927 girls have been provided self-defense training under Project STEADY.
Yoga training was also incorporated within the project to encourage discipline and respect for fellow students, education, and girls. 
We also branched out with a career counseling program, with psychometric tests and personalized reports, to make students aware of job prospects and career paths available to them after the completion of their education. Counseling sessions for the parents are also organized so they can support the education of their children in better ways. 5121 students have benefitted by the career counseling sessions organized by Deepalaya.
Deepalaya also started a unique project for reducing the school drop-out rates through impactful digital learning in the form of TABLABs, which are installed in two schools: LalaLajpatRai College, Dankaur and Government Primary School, Salempur Gujjar. All tablets are pre-loaded with three categories of content -- multimedia, do-it-yourself STEM Experiments and digital books. Activity-oriented and technology-enabled innovative content ensures that learning is a fun, child-driven experience for children in these schools.
In the academic year 2019-20, the project has been able to engaged with 3107 students in different activities like menstrual hygiene sessions, parent engagement activities.

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