Deepalaya Vocational Training & Skill Development Centers

Vocational training centres, also known as VTCs. Our centre provides job-specific technical training for work in a specific career. Deepalaya Vocational Training centres generally focus on providing students with hands-on instruction and can lead to certification, a diploma, or a certificate. Youth are trained in marketable skills in our centres and are also helped in finding appropriate jobs. The programme fulfils our vision of allowing self-reliance.

Our vocational training programmes empower young people with skills from deprived backgrounds so they have an advantage when it comes to job creation. With assistance in terms of spoken English and career counselling, they enhance their personality traits. Our vocational training projects include units for cutting and tailoring, units for beauty and culture, computer training and centre for personality development.

We have collaborated with the NIIT Computer Courses Foundation, which basically enables students to become efficient data input technicians, software developers, and Advanced Excel and Tally mastery. The curriculum prepared by the NIIT Foundation is in line with industry standards and meets the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) developed NSQF. The programme is riddled with numerous sessions to help them direct interviews and develop their interpersonal skills. Under the guidance of NIIT foundation members, the students will be able to clear the exams online. They are issued certificates after successful completion and are often assisted with work placement.

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