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Deepalaya has been working in more than 35 projects across different parts of India which includes Delhi, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand. Our projects can divided into six broad categories, which are:

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Deepalaya was able to reach 31, 08, 27 children and after school a large of them continued their education. Through the Community College Initiative Program, 23 of our students visited the United States.

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Deepalaya strongly believes that children with different abilities can learn to lead a normal life if they have successful access to services such as early detection, intervention, schooling, vocational training, job opportunities and access to aids and appliances.


Vocational Training

We also set up a number of vocational training courses in all our initiatives. These programs offer marketable skills to participants that can allow them to achieve productive employment.



Deepalaya initiated the Community Health Program, a multi-faceted project focused on developing sustainable practices and raising awareness among the rural masses about preventive and promoting health.

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Institutional Care

Deepalaya began its institutional care program at Deepalaya Gram, Gusbethi (7 km from Sohna) to bring about a long-lasting change in society.

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Women Empowerment

In 1999 Deepalaya started our Microfinance project in a district of Haryana. Women who were barely housewives got an immense opportunity to showcase to their community, society and especially their family itself that they too inhibit special abilities and powers to live on their own.

With your support Deepalaya Foundation Inc. will work for the underprivileged, address the problems and provide them with an opportunity to look for long term solutions. We believe that a child's family is major factor for their development. Community organization and awareness is the approach that attempts to build empowerment, capacity building and social transformation.