Happiness in the Hills!

March 25, 2009: This story hails from a beautiful place located in the Aravallis, a couple of miles from the ever-so-growing Gurgaon. The place is called Mewat, an important region of Haryana, one which is characterized by the richness of its land and water, and at the very same time, the low literacy of its people.

One fine morning at Deepalaya Gram
Ask someone from Deepalaya, and they will tell you a fresh tale. ‘Gusbethi’ is the one word which sums it all. The place, which happens to be one of the remotest parts of the state, houses the Deepalaya Gram – Deepalaya’s major institutional care hub comprising a school, hostels for boys and girls, a mobile clinic, a dispensary, agricultural farms and everything else that’s required for life.




Global CSR Excellence & Leadership award presented by ABP News to Deepalaya