You can sponsor a child/children from low income background and studying at Deepalaya for successful attainment of their schooling.  Deepalaya has 2 Formal Schools and 12 Learning Centres that assure non-formal and remedial education to children from marginalized conditions. The sponsorship amount varies among schools and learning centers and details for the same can be found on the below link.

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The sponsorship funds are allocated towards covering average tuition fees, acquiring teaching aids and learning materials, conducting quarterly health check-ups, organizing educational excursions, and supporting extracurricular activities such as dance, music, arts and crafts, and sports. These activities aim to foster scope for holistic developmental opportunities to enhance creativity and confidence in the sponsored individuals.

Yes, the payment terms can be monthly or quarterly besides annually through bank transfer, online payment through payment gateway at Deepalaya website If going for Subscription pages for recurring donations, it will be automatically processed every month through credit/debit cards

Children are selected on the basis of low socio-economic parameters, preference is given to promote education among children belonging from minority groups, who are differently abled and girl children.

Yes, the sponsorship department arranges the mode and modality to ensure regular communication between the sponsored child and you. Once you decide to sponsor, the team will get in touch with you to update you with all relevant information.


Yes, you can meet the sponsored child/children at the Deepalaya facility that s/he is enrolled in within the center timings. The sponsorship department would coordinate the visit to ensure the physical/online mode of the meeting based on your preference and suitability.

No. As a matter of policy, No child is sent with their sponsor parents at their residences/hotels or outings or any other place outside Deepalaya center.  If a sponsor would like to meet the child and witness the activities of the school or the center where the child studies, the sponsor can intimate in advance to the Sponsorship Department. The sponsorship department will confirm after coordinating with the school/learning center authorities and a meeting will be held at the school/center itself.

Yes, Deepalaya will keep you informed of the child’s progress on a regular basis.  In the month of December/January, a term card of the child reflecting their academic progress and teacher’s remark along with a personally crafted greeting with the child’s photograph is shared with all sponsor parents.  In the month of April/May, we send the Annual Progress Report of the child reflecting their academic progress and progression to the higher class. This detailed report has their marks and participation from the entire academic year.

As a matter of policy, we do not encourage sponsors to send gifts/gift money to their sponsored children as it leads to a feeling of disappointment among other children. 

However, if you are desirous of sending a gift you are welcome to do so which can be provided to the child separately and not in class. If you want to send gift money, you can send it in the name of Deepalaya and we will purchase gifts as per your choice or child’s desire and present it to the child on your behalf. Photographs/Video taken on the occasion of gift presentation will be sent to you with other details.

Deepalaya has two children’s homes under the Juvenile Justice Act to cater to the care and protection needs of children in difficult circumstances; homeless children, destitute or abused children who are sent through State Child Welfare Committee (CWC). Orphan children are also part of the beneficiaries that the CWC sends.

You can support a child through Deepalaya till their educational attainment. These can be up to schooling, graduation or even post graduation.

Yes, we have a branch in the UK and in the USA. Sponsors or donors from across the globe can donate and sponsor. However for the UK & USA they may make their donation and avail tax exemption too.

The two Deepalaya formal schools at Delhi and Haryana are affiliated by CBSE and HBSE respectively and thus follow the curriculum laid by respective boards of education. These schools are Co-education and offer formal education till senior secondary level.   

The learning centers followed the National Council for Educational Research and Training (NCERT) pattern which most CBSE affiliated government or private institutes follow as per the Education Policy.

The uninterrupted educational journey and participation of the child at the School/Centre is a reflection of your money being put for the right use. These details will also be shared with you regularly in the reports besides the cost break up for the educational sponsorship.

The continuation of the sponsorship is entirely your decision. The sponsorship department will remind you for the renewal close to the due date, but the decision lies with you.

Yes, we will identify a single parent-child from the school if you want to support.