You can sponsor any of the poor child studying at Deepalaya for his/her education and overall development.  At Deepalaya we have 2 Formal Schools and 13 learning centres.  The sponsorship amount varies from schools and learning centres.

The sponsorship amount is utilized for the average tuition fee, teaching aids & materials, quarterly health check-up, picnic, extracurricular activities like dance, music, art & craft, sports etc that promote creativity and confidence.

Yes, you can pay monthly instalments or quarterly instalments through bank transfer, online payment through Payment Gateway at Deepalaya website and Subscription pages for recurring donations it will be automatically deducted every month from your credit/debit cards.

Children are selected on the basis of economic criteria that their annual family income should be less than Rupees 2 lakhs. Also other factors like the size of the family, number of children and dependents etc. are taken into consideration.

Yes, you can communicate with the child if he/she is capable of writing can respond. Otherwise, the concerned teacher will respond on behalf of the child. This will be coordinated through the Sponsorship Department.


Yes, you can meet the child in his/her school with the knowledge of Deepalaya Sponsorship Department.

No. We are not sending children with their sponsor parents’ at their residence/hotels or outing.  If a sponsor would like to meet the child and witness the activities of the school where the child study, the sponsor can intimate in advance to the Sponsorship Department. The sponsorship department will confirm after coordinating with the school/learning centre authorities.

Yes, Deepalaya will keep you informed the child’s progress from time to time.  In the month of December/January, the child writes to his/her sponsor parent a term letter including New Year Greetings with activity photographs of the child and teachers’ remark. In the month of April/May, we send the Annual Progress Report of the child showing promoted class, marks obtained, the overall progress of the child in the previous academic year.

As a matter of policy, we do not encourage sponsors to send gifts/gift money to their sponsored children as it creates envy and disappointment for other children who may not receive gifts from their sponsor parents.  However, if you are desirous of sending a gift you are welcome to do so. If you want to send gift money, you can send in the name of Deepalaya and we will purchase gifts as per your directives/or child’s desire and present to the child on your behalf. Photographs taken on the occasion of gifts’ presentation will be sent to you with details.

We do not have an orphanage. At Deepalaya Children’s Home, Gusbethi we take care of run-away children, children of prostitutes as well children of HIV Aids parents.   Many of these children are abandoned by their families and may be considered as technically orphans.

You can support a child until the child becomes self-reliant.

Yes, we have a branch in the UK and in the USA. Only sponsors or donors from the UK & USA will be able to make their donation through this branch. They can avail tax exemption there in the UK & USA as per the policy in the UK & USA.

Deepalaya runs 2 formal schools out of which one is Deepalaya School, Kalkaji Extn. where the syllabus followed is of Central Board of Secondary Education(CBSE) and other formal School is Deepalaya School, Gusbethi where the syllabus is under Haryana Board of Secondary Education. Other learning centres followed the National Council for Educational Research and Training (NCERT).

Yes, once you sponsor a child you will get the case study includes the photograph of the child. After that, you will get communication from the child, like birthday greetings, New Year cards with the child’s message, Annual Progress of the child, etc.

The continuation of the sponsorship is entirely up to your decision. We will remind you when the sponsorship is due for renewal. You can continue to support him/her till the end of his/her schooling i.e. till class XII.  If you decide to stop sponsorship for a child, Deepalaya will endeavour to find a new sponsor for him/her.

Yes, we will identify a single parent-child from the school if you want to support.

Yes, the child knows that he/she is being sponsored by somebody. The sponsor can even build a relationship through communications like letters, greeting cards and photos, visiting the child, sending gifts.  He/she usually comes to know about the name of the sponsor parent at the time of preparing birthday cards, replying to sponsors letters, preparing New Year cards. As a matter of policy, we do not share the address or other details of the sponsors to the child or his family. We suggest any communication/interaction between the sponsor parent and child is routed through Deepalaya, which will avoid any undue demand from the child’s side or family towards the sponsor.