DEEPALAYA Children’s Homes


Children’s Homes

DEEPALAYA CHILDREN’S HOMES (Formerly known as Deepalaya Institutional Care program) are registered under the Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act 2015. The home was started in Village Gusbethi, Haryana in the year 2000, with the motive to provide a safe and congenial environment to the children rescued by District Child Welfare Committee. The upkeep of the children is the responsibility of Deepalaya in terms of providing education, healthcare, skill training, etc via a safe and secure method to ensure that they become an asset to the nation.

We have separate homes for boys and girls at village Gusbethi that provide children with a safe & secure environment, ensuring that their basic needs are met for holistic development. They are given sufficient chances to complete their education and become self-dependent.


Girls: 37

Boys: 36

Total: 73

*The above data is for the year 2022-23