Mr. S. Balasubramanya

Mr. S. Balasubramanya, Bangalore, Karnataka
Proud Deepalaya donor since 1997

It was during his Government Job in Delhi in 1997 that Mr. Balasubramanya got in touch with Deepalaya and started donating for the education of Deepalaya children. Today, at the age of 93, we refer him as Deepalaya family member. The constant financial support which he, on his own will, kept increasing accompanied with his beautiful hand-written letters have always made us feel proud of his association. Mr. Balasubramanya recalls his childhood days and says…

“I cannot forget those days of struggle when the contribution and sacrifices of my family & friends gave me strength. This experience made me more sensitive towards the cause that I am supporting through Deepalaya. With my association with Deepalaya, I feel, I have lifelong pen-friend who reciprocates my letter always with a personal touch. I am happy that I chose Deepalaya children and the investment is rewarding. My best wishes and blessings for Deepalaya family!”