Community Library

Sanjay Colony & Gole Kuan

Community Library

Digital revolution or e-books were perceived to reduce the importance of physical books but fortunately, it has not. Community Libraries at Deepalaya are not just a room to read. It brings along a conducive place for children, youth, and even adults to think, question, and evolve. Well-thought, sunlit libraries, each at Sanjay Colony, Gole Kuan, Tilak Nagar and Nalwa have been playing a significant role in the transformation of communities. The surrounding community is a family for us now. A cohort of activities, bringing to them various opportunities for their holistic development is the Community Library in Deepalaya. Celebrations, workshops, read-aloud sessions, storytelling sessions, peer-to-peer engagement, drawing, painting, drama, etc. are also organized.

Needless to say, we managed most of it online during the corona period. Those who could not come to the library were reached by our librarians through self-recorded story sessions, WhatsApp and conference calls, and one-to-one calls as per the need.

*The current data from the last financial year