SINCE 1994


Project Sambhav

These are the tenets of our rehabilitation process here at Deepalaya. Children with special needs are overlooked in the sphere of education and policy planning in terms of accessibility and support systems, and even more so when they hail from disadvantaged circumstances. We strongly believe that differently abled children can lead a normal life if they have effective access to services like early symptom identification, intervention, education, vocational training, employment opportunities, and the availability of aids and appliances.


Deepalaya’s Learning Centres play a vital role in mainstreaming drop-outs back to formal schools. The education and the all-inclusive approach of Deepalaya Learning Centers is no less than the ones provided in any formal school. The children are not only given academic support and centralised bridge courses designed by Deepalaya are meant to pull this left-out lot to the age-appropriate level and give them the confidence to be ready for formal school. The children, once enrolled in our Learning Centers stay with us for their continuous remedial sessions to make sure that they don’t drop out later for want of resources and attention. Our team stays in touch with them to ensure their best performances. Other co-curricular activities keep them motivated and help them realise their latent talent as well.


There was an era that witnessed heavy retrenchments for a lack of computer knowledge when the nation transformed from the manual to the digital age. It was then that Deepalaya decided to equip the youth of the most deserving sections of society and the less privileged. This led to Deepalaya Vocational Training Centers at Patel Garden, Gole Kuan, Sanjay Colony and Tilak Nagar. The Centers not only function as computer learning hubs but have become a happening place, for it provides multiple opportunities for personality development. These VTCs were crucial during pandemics in distributing ration kits and community mobilization. Celebration of important days and festivals is a part of its curriculum.


Digital revolution or e-books were perceived to reduce the importance of physical books but fortunately, it has not. Community Libraries at Deepalaya are not just a room to read. It brings along a conducive place for children, youth, and even adults to think, question, and evolve. Well-thought, sunlit libraries, each at Sanjay Colony, Gole Kuan, Tilak Nagar and Nalwa have been playing a significant role in the transformation of communities. The surrounding community is a family for us now. A cohort of activities, bringing to them various opportunities for their holistic development is the Community Library in Deepalaya. Celebrations, workshops, read-aloud sessions, storytelling sessions, peer-to-peer engagement, drawing, painting, drama, etc. are also organized.


Cataract is a major public health problem in India. We have an estimated 12 million blind persons in the country. A cataract is the dominant cause of blindness and it accounts for nearly two-thirds of the blind population. Cataract surgery restores the vision of the affected person through a package of services that can enable the person to gain sight and return to normal life as before.
Deepalaya works in collaboration with the Ophthalmology Department of Dr. Rajendra Prasad Center for Ophthalmic Sciences, AIIMS.


The Beauty Culture (grooming & wellness) and Fashion Designing program from “Deepalaya’s Project Nari Shakti” are designed to develop the skills and capabilities of girls/women coming from the less-privileged community of society by giving them the skillsets in these two trades. It is evident that due to social limitations and the dominance of patriarchy, women have not had their share in terms of job opportunities or establishing independent businesses. Due to this, most women continue to depend on their husbands and families. Deepalaya in collaboration with Amway India, provides the opportunity to the enrolled girls/women to equip themselves with the required skills. Nutrition Education and Entrepreneurship Programme team up to give them better career avenues. Our certification partner, Vishwa Yuvak Kendra, also imparts various life-skills sessions to the students for their overall personality development


Considering the overall development of a community it was a long pending need to introduce a physical/sports activity for our young beneficiaries in Sanjay Colony slums where Deepalaya is already running various impactful projects under one roof. The wait was over on March 11, 2022, when Deepalaya in collaboration with Dribble Academy formally inaugurated the ‘Slum Basketball Program’ for our youth who otherwise, are prone to many ill effects of society in their idle time after school hours. It was a proud moment to get 80 enrollments from the community boys & girls on the day of the inauguration itself. We, at Deepalaya, are all set to provide professional coaching to all the aspirants and look forward to contributing to India’s sports arena by producing good sportspersons.