Women Empowerment


According to World Bank estimates, India has one of the lowest female labor force participation. During the COVID, this had gone below 20% and was affecting the financial stability of the family and society. It was very important to bring in a system to help the family develop sustainable living conditions that can support the growth and development of a healthy society. To address the identified problem, a new project called ‘Earn to Empower’ was launched.


Earn to Empower is a model designed by Deepalaya to promote women’s livelihood and entrepreneurship through TRAIN, FUND, and ENGAGE models:

  • TRAIN – Deepalaya trains the women to develop the required skillset to start and operate the business.
  • FUND With the support of a number of funding partners, Deepalaya identified and funded prospective women entrepreneurs to start a business.
  • ENGAGE Deepalaya used Whatsapp as a communication and technology tool to track, guide, and motivate women in growing and sustaining their businesses