Long Live Deepalaya

Founder's Day Celebration at Deepalaya School Kalkaji ExtensionIt was a day which was long awaited, a day yearned for by everyone forming part of Deepalaya Parivar. Of all the days, one day that is special is the Deepalaya foundation day. It is a day when everyone pays their obeisance to the special 7 who came together with their hard-earned money of Rs. 2500/- and united for a cause that would one day evolve into a people’s organization. 36 years on, Deepalaya – the abode of light -- is growing and glowing every day with a never-say-die spirit of serving the community.


An Oasis in rural Mewat

Inauguration of Pediatric Unit in Gusbethi

There were days when our Gusbethi Hospital unit was devoid of any pediatrician. Children were at the mercy of quacks, operating in the region as people neither had the means nor resources to visit hospitals in posh Gurgaon. Superstitions galore and people used to follow some natural remedies or Totkas to treat their children. We had been struggling to find a doctor but to no avail.




Global CSR Excellence & Leadership award presented by ABP News to Deepalaya